Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy

Mukah as SCORE's Administration Centre


Mukah, which is located right in the heart of the corridor, will be developed as a Smart City.

It will also become the home of RECODA and the central administrative base for the development of the corridor.

Mukah will be primed to become the service hub and nerve centre for the corridor, with emphasis on three special areas;

  1. Knowledge Centre:

    Human capital development will be an important aspect of the corridor’s long-term economic success.

    Universities, polytechnics and specialized training centres will be built in Mukah to address the training needs for skilled and semi-skilled workers within the Corridor.

    As a Smart City, Mukah is ideally suited to be the epicentre for Sarawak’s ambitious human capital and skill development initiatives, thereby becoming the source of human capital for the corridor and for the State.

  2. R&D Centre:

    Several relevant industries rely heavily on supporting research capabilities.
    In Mukah, R&D institutes will be set up to focus on resource-based research and selected industrial research, as these research activities are considered crucial in sustaining the growth of the corridor and the State economy’s growth, as well.

  3. Administrative Centre:

    A clearly recognized nerve centre is vital for the development of SCORE, in view of its long-term sustainability.
    Mukah will be the vital administrative hub for the Central Region; ensuring that the vast region around it is properly services and taken care of.


Mukah will also have a smaller industrial park for selected industries, such as a food-based industrial cluster.

Components of SCORE





SEIA is an acronym for Socio-Environmental Impact Assessment.

The Sarawak Government implements advanced scientific methodologies and public consultations in managing the State's vast development.


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