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Thank you for your time to get to know the people that make up Sarawak Government's State Planning Unit (SPU) and what we do.

As the Director of the Unit, I overlook and coordinate all facets of strategic planning that involve the present and future development of the Sarawak. I am assisted by the ablest individuals within the State's Civil Service, and given the breadth of our scope we engage officers with experiences on and off the grounds that vary from dispute resolution to public economics. I am proud to say that SPU's contributions have always concreted our reputation as the de facto think tank for the State.

For the purposes of practicality, this official website for the SPU highlights our involvement in three critical development drivers, namely (1) Sarawak Socio-Economic Transformation Plan (SETP), (2) the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) and (3) the 11th Malaysia Plan. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what we do. On the right sidebar, you will find the breakdown of sectors, grouped together under four encompassing categories.

We will also endeavour to give timely updates on our researches and analyses to the public. I encourage you to bookmark our page and tell your family and friends about this Sarawak Government website.




Yours truly,

Datu Haji Mohamad Abu Bakar bin Marzuki
State Planning Unit
Chief Minister's Department

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